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  1. alfacoins.com and/or gourl.io please. Bitcoin with Webmoney is very bad. Very high fee. I tested payment $100 usd, but real price is $130
  2. Yes, but their business seems good now, no reason to stop. if they don't change their mind, DLE is only news portal without basic addons such as shopping cart, their business may down. People will use wordpress I used DLE 7, 8.x) in the pass, but change to wordpress. Just re-use some days for news only
  3. Dle-news forum also uses Invision Community, not their code Why does DLE not make integration to other famous forums? Simply, uses same login for DLE core and forum sofwares, likely login with social networks I tried many forums modules for DLE but they stop developing in short time. It is good if DLE make an integration to famous free forums such as MyBB, phpBB, even user must pay to sure it works after upgrade. And good if DLE makes an offical shop module (paid module) We need offical modules to use long time, even paid. With 3rd party modules, we do not sure when they st
  4. I tried: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; url=/user/{usertitle}"> {usertitle} used in userinfo.tpl and <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; url=/{profile-link}"> {profile-link} used in login.tpl but both ways don't work, it shows http://site.com/user/{usertitle} and http://site.com/{profile-link} Any link to logged user profile using for global ??? or any way to do? Thanks
  5. 1. For сase-insensitive Because it is better for internal site users Example: I post 4 news, 2 news with tag "Mother" and 2 with "mother" but browse http://site.com/tags/mother or http://site.com/tags/Mother it only shows 2 news instead of 4 news For thousands of tags, we don't sure typing wrong сase-insensitive. 2. Space in link: Some time I send link with space it maynot correct Example: "http://site.com/tags/mother and father" ---->wrong when click on. It show not any news because "mother" doesn't exist But http://site.com/tags/mother-and-father is
  6. Hello people How to redirect user profile after register completely. Ex: I register with username "MyName". Once completed it redirect to his / her profile http://site.com/user/MyName Thanks
  7. Anyone knows how to auto convert tag without blank characters and not case sensitive Example: "UPPERCASE tag" = "uppercase tag" ---> "uppercase-tag" -> http://site.com/tags/uppercase-tag/ While posting news with "UPPERCASE tag" and "uppercase tag", when browse http://site.com/tags/uppercase-tag / will show all news with both tags Thanks
  8. It works but not exactly. It shows even offline users. Replace: AND `lastdate`! = '' With: `lastdate` > ( $_TIME - 1200 ) It show list of real online Users
  9. Please add gateway alfacoins.com it is best bitcoin paygate And/or https://gourl.io/
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