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  1. How can I show the content of notification in the feedback.tpl When you fill out the request form is complete you click submit it will notify you "Message sent successfully Your message has been sent successfully. Back to Homepage. " I liked this template but it fails not see show that message
  2. Why do not you integrate text editor with button Imgur to insert pictures online
  3. I have updated to version 11.3 to 12.0 but it is wrong to edit the article when you go to it will be this error. How can I fix it, and when viewing posts it will not increase the number of views I know this part involved sql dle_post_extras how to fix it. If you do not have a solution then you guide to upgrade all dle v11.3 source code to v12.0 no loss of data when upgrading.
  4. I'm researching for the source code for DLE but I'm looking for this code but it's in the /modules/parts-main/slider.tpl directory, and CSS does not know where to find the whole code. <div class="slider-area"> <div class="bend niceties preview-1"> <div class="slides" id="nivoslider"> <img alt="slider_1" src="{THEME}/img/slider/1.jpg" title="#slider-direction-1"> <img alt="slider_1" src="{THEME}/img/slider/2.jpg" title="#slider-direction-2"> </div> <div class="t-cn slider-direction" id="slider-direction-1"> <div class="slider-progress"></div> <div class="slider-caption text-center"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="layer-1-1"> <h2 class="title-1">Лучшие по ремонту и обслуживанию автомобилей</h2> </div> <div class="layer-1-3"> <p class="title-3">Работая в данном сегменте рынка на протяжении многих лет, нам удалось наладить партнёрские отношения с ведущими российскими и зарубежными производителями. Реализация продукции без посредников позволяет сохранять доступные цены и исключить лишние проволочки.</p> </div> <div class="layer-1-4"> <a class="title-4" href="/index.php?do=feedback">Связаться</a>&nbsp&nbsp <a class="title-4 cltt" href="#">Подробнее</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> Someone can find CSS for it to help you, you download it and you are looking for CSS help you I am using this template to extract and design another template just take its css slider is enough Thank
  5. I write only fill in when finished writing the post, if you want to edit the post, it automatically add the command [leech] and [/ leech]. Want to turn this feature to make your website too many errors wrong redirect
  6. That problem I know but mostly it does not show the ANDROID in line <a class="download-torrent" href="[xfvalue_link]"> <i class="fa fa-android"></i>ANDROID</a> That it displays the original link rather than the link encoding when i go to edit the article then it has lines like this that are encrypted <!--dle_leech_begin--><a href="" target="_blank"></a><!--dle_leech_end--> must display the correct ANDROID text if the original link is displayed (, then the error is correct only to correct this error.
  7. I like the default font of the Green template Because it is very sharp and beautiful but want to get the font in the font directory but switch to another template it does not work. How can it work to change the entire website in css Thank you
  8. When dragging, it has a link like this When editing posts it has lines ###### which is not the Android word that follows the website link in the download-button.tpl that has this code. <div class="botdonload"> <a href="#example" class="openModal"><div class="textbd"><i class="fa fa-server"></i> Download torrent</div></a> <aside id="example" class="modal"> <div> <h2>Chọn server <a href="#close" title="Close"><font color="red"><b>Close</b></font></a></h2> <div class="blocks-vis"> <div class="midle"> <a class="download-torrent" [xfvalue_link]> <i class="fa fa-android"></i>ANDROID</a> </div> </div> </div> </aside> </div> Find [xfvalue_link] is the link in the article it will encrypt that link @odys @celsoft
  9. No, do not use bbcode leech just paste the empty box you created the field
  10. Hello I am having leech problems when writing new articles if you do not understand how I will describe the image for you to imagine. First go to the administration 2 . Select Create field 3. Then fill in the required fields in the picture Field name : link Field description :Link Android Category : All Field type: One String Default value: **** In it I choose the line Use as desired (you can leave this field blank) Save Visit Manage Website Templates to create the file download-button.tpl extension Then I leave the code like thisDone on New Article Link adnroid fill is after finishing writing it will show on the external link article in the frame when we mouse cursor it will have the link Revising the article, it displays the form But how does it display the word Android before you create the file extension download-button.tpl want it to be like this Please guide you to fix this
  11. I've set up why he could not zoom in and out when you click on that picture